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Samoas Cookie Straws

An updated version of the famous Girl Scout cookies, Samoas. These have a browned butter shortbread cookie, salted caramel, toasted coconut, dipped and drizzled in chocolate and in a stick form. 
It's that time of year where Girl Scout cookie booths are all over the place. It is so hard to not buy all of the cookies.
 Samoas are one of my favorite cookies, second has to be Tagalongs, I may do a recipe like that.
I was actually a Girl Scout for 4 years and I sold thousands of these cookies. I may have eaten at least half of that amount.
 As I stated above, these cookies are a little different from the original cookie. Instead of the regular shortbread cookies that use regular butter these have browned butter.
The caramel has hint of salt, that will cut through all the sweetness of the caramel and chocolate.
These are also in a fun shape, straws. In the South we have mostly cheese ones.

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Meyer Lemon Cream Cheese Blondies

Sweet and tangy blondies with lots of Meyer Lemon zest, Meyer Lemon juice and cream cheese topped with a strawberry glaze.
This is my first post for the New Year and I wanted to do something refreshing. That mean something with lemons and I have been doing a lot of post with chocolate and it needed a brief break.
I'm using Meyer Lemons because it has both the sourness of the a lemon yet has some sweetness from the tangerine or mandarin.
You can tell the different by the color, that would be more of a yellow-orange and slightly bigger.
Since they have a short season I have to make a few recipes with it.
These blondies have a great combination of Meyer lemons and cream cheese. I would say that is a great combination.
I baked these slightly under to get a the gooeyness like a chocolate brownie.

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Chubby Hubby Granola Bars

Sweet and salty chewy granola bars with peanut butter, salted pretzels, oats, rice cereal, milk chocolate chip, peanut butter chips, malted milk powder and drizzle with even more peanut butter and chocolate.
I can't believe that this is my last post of 2018 and it is my 3rd blogiversary.  It is insane that I have been posting for 3 years.
Since the New Year is upon us, I wanted to do a health-ish recipe. It has oats and peanut butter in it so it makes it healthy. Right?
I've done Chubby Hubby flavor recipes before, cookies and cups,  and I had to do it again. I love the flavors of peanut butter, chocolate, pretzels and the malty flavor.
This year was the first time I have ever had the ice cream with its name sake.  It was a kind of hard to find in my area so I am happy to find itand I feel in love with it.

These are the perfect sweet and salty treat for kids and adults.

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Hot Chocolate French Toast Casserole

This delicious have the filling of Wintertime favorite drink, hot chocolate. This baked French toast has the yummy custard with hot coco, chocolate chips, marshmallows and an eggnog glaze.

Hot chocolate has to be one of my favorite things to have during the wintertime.  Warms you up and you get a dose a chocolate. Who doesn't like that?
I have a confection to make, to don't like my hot chocolate that hot. When I was younger I got some hot chocolate at a gas station and it burnt my tongue really bad.
So after that I couldn't drink it hot again. Now when I make it or purchase it I make sure it lukewarm, I don't want that to happen again.
This French Toast actually contains hot coco mixture not just your regular baking chocolate. Hot chocolate mix has a distinct flavor to it, I believe.
There's also a to die for glaze with another holiday drink, eggnog. The eggnog glaze won't overwhelm you, it just gives you a hint of it if you are not a big fan of eggnog.

Recipe …

Gingerbread Mocha Sandwich Cookies

When you need a little pep in your step to do all of your holiday shopping, these cookies are for you. A gingerbread sandwich cookie filled with all the yummy spices and chocolate ganache with a hint of coffee .

This is the third recipe cookie recipes for this Christmas season perfect for a cookie swap.  I'm creating a page all a lot of the recipes that I have made.
I can't believe that Christmas isn't that far away, only nine days away when I post this. Where has the time gone?

Looking back on the recipes that I have made this year, I haven't made anything that has coffee in it. I don't know how I haven't done so.
I thrive on coffee every day of my life, no one can talk to me if I haven't had it.
These cookies is inspired by a two lattes that you can get at a popular coffeehouse chain. The mocha latte you can get year round and the gingerbread around the holidays.
Put them together and you have an amazing combination of the spices of the gingerbread and cr…