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Pumpkin Spice Black Velvet Cupcakes

A spooky black velvet cupcake with the warm pumpkin spices like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, clove and all spice then topped with a bloody cream cheese icing. 
Another creepy and spooky recipe for my favorite time of the year, Halloween. I have finally put out 80 % of Halloween decoration out, normally I have it out in September but I've been lazy.
These cupcakes are a little of a trick or treat. They look really dark so you may think it is maybe burnt or a bitter dark chocolate but they are not. They're sweet.
Another trick or treat element is the kick of warm pumpkin spices, so you may not think of the spices being in a chocolate cupcake. But cinnamon and chocolate go hand and hand.
I believe cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, clove and nutmeg with the chocolate go great together.
All of these flavors play so great together, its was like a party in mouth when I took a bite from one of them.

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Halloween Witch's Hat Cookies

These spooky hat were stolen from an ugly old witch. The cookies are scratch-made Oreo cookies, a dollop of colorful icing and topped with a chocolate kiss.
Happy Halloween Month! Yes, I celebrate Halloween all October long and will be posting several recipes this season that are tasty and spooky.
These Witch's Hats are made with scratch-made Oreos who wicked dark cocoa powder, I won't have to buy another box of them again. I've used this cocoa powder for several recipes, I'll link them below.
With these witch's hats brim are a colorful like a witch's green skin and purple the cauldron brew.  The top for the hat are chocolate kiss.

Did you know that what people think of a witch with the pointy hat, cauldron, black dress and cats were beer makers? I saw that on one of my favorite cooking facts show. With this recipe, like I have several times before, I had a little helper my niece Kayleigh. She loved helping me making the cookie dough, roll it out and twist …

Browned Butter Maple Coffee Cake

Browned Butter Maple Coffee Cake, that is a mouth full but these are a mouth full of flavor in every bite with a browned butter maple coffee cake, cinnamon crumbs and brown sugar cream cheese glaze.
I've always loved coffee cake. I remember growing up a famous snack cake company had mini coffee cakes and I was the strange little kid that actually loved coffee cake.
The first day of Autumn was a few days ago and it kind of feels like it when I step outside of my home. My mom best describes the humidity as a wall and today was the first day it wasn't like that.
With the coffee cake I will be using maple extract. I use real maple extract not the imitation maple extract. I've used the extract to make my own syrup taste like maple extract from Vermont and it is least expensive.
This coffee cake has a great combination of flavor with browned butter, maple, cinnamon and brown sugar cream cheese glaze. YUM!
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Pumpkin Spice Bread

Slightly sweet pumpkin spice bread with real pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, clove and all spice topped with a yummy browned butter buttercream.

This bread was inspired by a bread, more like a loaf cake, that I saw at the grocery store last year, it was a pumpkin bread that had crumbly topping.
So I decided to swab out the crumbly topping for a browned butter glaze. Which I think I've been going through a phase in where I've been using browned butter for a lot of recipe.
It has depth a flavor that is a combo of caramel and toffee even better you add the sugar.  I made it with a buttercream for a cake and I was eating it with a spoon it was good.
I made a bread similar at the beginning of this year for Mardi Gras, it is a holiday that you induldge before the fasting for Lent. I made a King Cake bread that was cinnamon swirl bread with a glaze on top.
Here is a link to even more Pumpkin Spice recipes that I have made.

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