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Maple Pumpkin Pie Cobbler

A Thanksgiving classic, Pumpkin Pie, but it doesn't have a crust. It has pumpkin, all the warm pumpkin spices, sweet maple topped a crunchy struesal topping with oats and pecans and whipped cream.
I was inspired by a pumpkin pie that I found at the store. It was called a crisp but I've seen it called a cobbler, all I care is that it is one my plate.
Thanksgiving is just around the corner, there's tons of sales which I am ranking in. I see people buying all of the Thanksgiving they think they will need.

But I am sure people will be running to the store before they close on next Wednesday. My family basically ready for the feast.
If you like pumpkin pie but don't like the crust and only the filling, you will like this. I'm more of a filling myself.
What is your favorite thing to eat at a holiday feast? Let me know in the comments.

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Maple Bacon Doughnut Muffins

A sweet, salty and salty doughnut muffins with uncured bacon, maple, brown sugar and browned butter doughnut muffin topped with maple glaze and even more bacon.
Since Halloween is over and it's not yet Christmas time, for me, kids will be out of school really soon. For November and December I have decided to make breakfast recipes.
This recipe as you can tell from the title has to be one of my favorites. In a way it is like a pancakes, bacon and maple syrup that you would eat for breakfast but less messy.
These doughnut muffins are also like one of my favorite doughnuts that you can get, Maple Bars, and I have seen that they add bacon on top.  Who doesn't like bacon?
The sweetness from the maple, brown sugar, the glaze and the nuttiness of the browned butter then add bacon. It is like a party in your mouth.

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Pumpkin Spice Oreo Cheesecake Bars

 A spooky delicious pumpkin spice cheesecake with real pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, clove and all spice with an Oreo cookie crust and chocolate spiderweb piped on top.
Its sad to say this is my last Halloween recipe for the year.  October has gone by too fast for me and I wish that Halloween would be around all year round.
Since Halloween is over, I'm already planning on Christmas. I will be posting holiday recipes coming up like Chocolate Orange Swirl Cookie, Christmas Oreos and Lofthouse-Style Gingerbread Cookies and so on.
With this cheesecake it doesn't have you average crust like a graham cracker or maybe a spiced crust. It has a Oreo cookie crust. It gives the Halloween colors of the orange and black then it gives you pumpkin spice cheesecake filling and chocolate crust.
Plus my birthday is coming up and this will be my cake.

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Halloween Pumpkin Patch Marble Cake

One of my spookiest Halloween recipes I've made, a marbled sheet cake with browned butter cake and wicked dark chocolate cake, topped with a grey cream cheese buttercream, cookie crumbs, tombstones, pumpkins and worms.
I was planning on posting this last week but life happened and I needed to take at least a week off to get sleep and get my life back together. I'm feeling better so I'm posting it right now.
Halloween is just weeks away when I post this and I am excited. I haven't decide in what I want to dress up at, last year I was a like a Vampire Minnie Mouse.
This is a wicked cake because it is a haunted pumpkin patch with tiny pumpkins, tombstone, tasty dirt and even more tasty decayed ground.
The ground maybe decayed but the pumpkins are healthy as can be. Strange as it may seem but it is haunted by all of the carved pumpkins so that is why they thrive.
Under all the pumpkins, vines and dirt is a wicked browned butter cake marbled together with dark chocolate a…