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Cajun Chicken Sheet Pan Quesadilla

A somewhat copycat recipe of my favorite thing to get from a chain restaurant, Cajun Chicken Sheet Pan Quesadilla. 

This quesadilla has Cajun seasoned chicken with bacon, Cheddar Cheese and Monterey Jack cheese baked in the oven to give it a crispy outside.
The different between the quesadilla you can get from the chain restaurant and this one is that you baked this on a sheet pan so you can make this for your whole family.
Normally quesadillas you make in a skillet pan or on a griddle. Making it for the whole family can take a long time.
I saw a similar sheet pan quesadilla that used ground beef. My family and I do not eat ground meat so I want to change it up.
You can make this ahead of time and heat up when you have a craving for it.

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Cajun Chicken Sheet Pan QuesadillaTime:
Prep- 30 to 40 minutes
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Cookies and Cream Doughnut Bites

These are perfect for your sweetheart or any day of the year, baked chocolate doughnut bites with a Oreo cream cheese glaze.
This year on this blog I am trying new recipes that I wouldn't have thought in doing. If you have been following me you have notice I like to make this big.
The last couple of post I have done things a little smaller than normal. Like this recipe, instead of a large doughnut you have a little bite.
Since Valentine's Day isn't that far away I wanted to do something that you could make for your potential Valentine because you could put in a box for a gift.

I know that if someone gave me a few of these, they would be mine. Who wouldn't when it comes to chocolate, cream cheese and Oreos.

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Cookies and Cream Doughnut BitesTime:
Prep- 15 minutes
Baking- 7 to 9 minu…

Jumbo Bananas Foster Muffins

A New Orleans classic in muffin form. This caramelized bananas are folded in brown sugar batter and covered with a cinnamon streusel.

You saw right, Bananas Foster Muffins. It is from a famous restaurant in New Orleans that has been around for almost 70 years.
Bananas Foster has flambeed bananas with rum in a caramel sauce, once it is nice and hot it is served with vanilla ice cream.
This recipe is a portable and less messy version of this famous and delicious dessert.
You can eat these as a dessert or you can have them on the go in the morning or afternoon for breakfast or a snack.

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Jumbo Bananas Foster Muffins
Prep- 15 minutes
Baking- 18 to 22 minutes


Bananas Foster Muffins
4 cups Unbleached All Purpose Flour
1 3/4 cups Dark Brown Sugar, packed and divided
1 1/2 cups U…

Red Velvet Brownie Brittle

Red Velvet Brownie Brittle.  Yes, red velvet brownie brittle just like the Southern classic cake but in a thin and crispy form. Perfect for your sweetheart.
You saw correct, red velvet brownie brittle. When I think of red velvet I think of two holidays that makes it perfect to eat, Christmas and Valentines.
Since it is the New Year and your sweetie might still want to be on their resolution. Make these because they are thinner than a regular brownie.
But you still get the brownie taste with all the chocolate from the cocoa powder and white chocolate.
I first discovered brownie brittle years ago at the register and I had to try them. My favorite part of a batch of brownies is the crispy edge.
Ever since then I've tried every flavor that has come out. I have never seen a red velvet so I had to give it a go.

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Mini Mardi Gras King Cakes

A miniature version of a season cake that's stuffed with scratch-made Bavarian cream cheese, cinnamon, sugar, in a yeasty dough and topped with a thick sweet icing and purple, green and gold sugar.
It is now Mardi Gras season in Southeast Louisiana and we now have all the good stuff out. My favorite has to King Cakes.
We call King Cakes stuffed if there is more than the normal cinnamon and sugar. You can get cream cheese, Creole cream cheese, Bavarin cream, chocolate, strawberry and many, many more.
My favorite has to be either plain or Bavarian cream cheese. It is like a pastry cream, but not as sweet.
With the King Cake it is tradition to have a tiny plastic baby in stuffed in the cake and if you get the piece that has it you have to buy the next King Cake

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Mini Mardi Gras King CakesTime:
Prep- 30 minutes