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About Luci

Hello my name is Luci, welcome to Sweetie n' Salty Shoppe. I am a twenty something food blogger. I have been baking and cooking for my friends and family practical all of my life. I am a lover of strong coffee, Halloween, cold weather, anything sweet, anything salty and anything sweet and salty. 

I was born and raised in Louisiana and being from Louisiana I believe a lot of my recipes are influenced by the culture of Louisiana and I do a lot of recipes that are from Louisiana.

If y'all were wondering where I came up with the name Sweetie n' Salty Shoppe, well I came up with it years ago from a Pinterest board that have had for years.

You can follow me:
Instagram @voodooragdoll
Twitter @voodooragdoll
Facebook @sweetiensaltyshoppe
Pinterest @lucicoo
Bloglovin' @lucicoo or @sweetiensaltyshoppe