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Chubby Hubby Cookies

I was inspired to make these cookies from a famous ice cream from Vermont with the same name. The ice cream has vanilla malt ice cream with peanut butter and fudge covered pretzels with a fudge and peanut butter swirl, yum.
I've seen other recipes on the internet of recipes for truffles or bars with the name of the ice cream and would have either peanut butter or caramel but never had the malt in it.

Malt is used for beer in the brewing process. It is usually made from barley. It is a sweet and creamy flavor, you might know it from a candy called Whoppers, chocolate covered malted milk balls.
This is malted vanilla cookie with peanut butter chips, milk chocolate chips, crushed pretzels with a peanut butter and chocolate drizzle.
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The longer you chill the cookie dough the better and keep the cookie dough cold before baking.
Room temperature butter and eggs will mix better. For room temperature eggs, take out of the refrigerator for 15 to 20 minutes bef…

Taco Egg Rolls

Its time for Taco Tuesday on a Sunday. This post has been meaning to be up for the last couple of days but life happened.
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I can eat tacos on any day of the week because they are just so yummy, simple to make and quick. Since I've started making my own taco seasoning mix I've been making them at least once a week to get my fix but sometimes they can get a little messy.

I've seen recipes using egg rolls wraps quite a bit in the last couple of year that not necessarily have traditional egg roll filling that gave me the item for this. These are portable, less mess, can be eaten for lunch, dinner or just a snack. Also you can make ahead, freeze then bake them when you need or crave them.

Taco seasoning for one serving
1 Tablespoon+1 teaspoon Chili Powder
1 1/2 Teaspoons Ground Cumin
1/2 Teaspoon Smoked Paprika, can use Fancy Paprika
1/2 Teaspoon Garlic Powder
1/2 Teaspoon Onion Powder
1/4 Teaspoon Cayenne Pepp…

Honey Chipotle Barbecue Sauce

I was inspired to make this from a chain restaurant, Chili's. They have a honey chipotle sauce that is the best sauce I've had. They serve it on burgers, chicken sandwiches and even with French mix in with ketchup.
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I've searched all the grocery stores in my area for a sauce like that but I couldn't find one and I don't like to go out for dinner that often.

When it comes to barbecue sauce there are several kinds from different regions:
Eastern North Carolina-Vinegar base with spices
South Carolina- Mustard base with vinegar and spices
Texas- Thin sauce for smoking or basting
Kansas City-Thick, sweet and smokey with a tomato or ketchup base
Alabama- Mayo base with vinegar and spices.
Where I live in Louisiana, we really don't have set flavor, base or spices in the barbecue sauce. Sauces that I've had are spicy because of Cajun influence and a little bit of other states combined.

3 cu…

Doughnut Muffins

I for-one love doughnuts but they don't love me. Where I live we really don't have an amazing doughnut shop that's within a 20 mile radius and don't run out before I wake up (I normally wake up when a lot of doughnut shops close).
I've seen doughnut muffins around the internet and on my favorite cooking shows but I could never find them around so as usual I had to make them. Last month I went onto Amazon to do a little shopping for some cooking supplies like a new muffin pan and some other fun stuff. So I got a new muffin or cupcake pan that said it was King Size. When I saw the pan I didn't think it was going to be that big but when I received I was pleasantly surprised. (Click on the link below)
Wilton 6-Cup King Size Muffin Pan To me it didn't look that big until I received it. They do not joke around when they say its KING size. Its about twice the size of a regular muffin pan.
King Size Muffin Pan Today I had a little help from my 6 year old niece, Kay…

Pretzel Bread

All of my life I have had I would call a healthy obsession with pretzels and I am the only person in my family to be so. I serious about on how obsessed I am when it comes to pretzels and I don't discriminate on the kind either. I love soft pretzels, hard pretzels, pretzel sticks, sourdough pretzels, mini pretzels, pretzel nuggets, and etc.
Growing up I would eat a sandwich for lunch and unlike a lot of kids they would eat cheese puffs or regular potato chips I would have pretzel sticks. I still will go for a bag of pretzels or soft pretzel that buy potato chips.
Bread Flour, what is it? It is more protein than All Purpose Flour which only has 11% protein and less gluten versus Bread Flour has 13 to 14% and more gluten giving bread more chew and helps bread stand up essential because it can contain traces vitamins C helping with the yeast.

Prime Day 2017 - 30 Hours of Deals
Yields: 2 Loafs
Time: Prep 10 minutes
          Proofing 3+ hours
          Chill- 12 hours
Bake: 25 to 30 m…