Burnt Sugar Syrup

Make coffee shop syrup at your house for the price of one cup of coffee.

Burnt sugar is a dark caramel with deeper, richer flavor than regular lighter caramel.

4 ingredients
*Dark Brown Sugar- light brown sugar could be used but it won't give it the same flavor
*Homemade Vanilla- Store bought can be used but homemade gives it a better flavor
*Sea Salt
Time: Cook time 30 minutes
            Cooling time ~3 hours
Yields:~15 servings, depends on use. I used an old glass syrup bottle that was 24.5 fluid ounces (750 Ml)

5 cups of Dark Brown Sugar
4 cups of water (2:1 ratio gives you a thicker syrup)
2 tablespoons  of Homemade Vanilla (store bought  works as well)
2 teaspoons of sea salt (I used course, fine ground might have to use more)
Glass Mason Jar or any glass jar with a lid  

Combine dark brown sugar and water in a large stock pot.  Bring to a boil for about 10 minutes.  Pour vanilla in, it will bubble up so be careful then sprinkle in sea salt.  Let it boil on high for 15 to 20 minutes. 

Stir it ever 5 to 10 minutes to check the viscosity of the syrup and make sure it doesn't stick to the bottom.  It will reduce by half.

Once the syrup is thick take it off the heat and let it cool completely.

Using a funnel, pour the syrup in your glass jar and enjoy. Put it in your coffee, over pancakes or waffles.

Leave it at room temperature.  Keeps for months.


  1. I'm not going to lie, this looks pretty good. I'll definitely try this out, hopefully soon.

    1. It is a very delicious syrup that I put in my coffee everyday and use for breakfast items like pancakes or waffles.

  2. Wow...i can almost smell it...thanks for sharing


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